Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Attorneys in Elyria, Ohio

At the Albenze Law Group, LLC we understand that a Personal Injury Matter can happen with no warning. These matters often leave the client unable to work and with significant medical bills. The Albenze Law Group, LLC will work with the client in an effort to obtain a settlement that properly compensates the injured party relieving them of the stress caused by the accident. Although, it can be desirable to resolve a personal Injury quickly and without litigation, Attorney Albenze has successfully taken several of these matters to Trial, obtaining a successful verdict for his client.

At the Albenze Law Group, LLC, we are available for your Personal Injury Needs 24 hours a Day. If you or a Loved One is Injured, Call us as soon as possible at (440) 523-1783 to speak to an attorney Immediately.


  • Car accidents o Motorcycle Accidents
  • Dog/Animal Bites o Slips and Falls
  • Product Liability (Injuries caused by Defective Products)


  1. The Injury: At the Albenze Law Group, LLC, we are available for your Personal Injury Needs 24 hours a Day. Directly after the Injury, it is imperative that you focus on treating your injury. During this time, you will be contacted by any applicable insurance companies. It is crucial that you do not sign any releases from an insurance company without first consulting an attorney.
  2. Filing a Claim: In many cases the party responsible for causing the injury will have an insurance policy that is responsible for compensation relating to the damages. At the Albenze Law Group, LLC, we will investigate each claim to find the appropriate insurance and if needed to begin the process of filing the appropriate claim.
  3. Gathering Damages: In Personal Injury matters, Damages can come in many forms. Damages that factor into your settlement include but are not limited to:
    • Lost Wages
    • Medical Bills
    • Pain and suffering
    • Loss of mobility
    • Permanent injuries
    • Future Surgeries/Treatment

    Personal Injury Attorneys at The Albenze Law Group, LLC can assist you in obtaining the settlement you deserve and gathering the information related to these damages/expenses and form a comprehensive settlement portfolio that will be given to the appropriate insurance company.

  4. Settlement Negotiations: Once the settlement demand has been made upon the insurance company, Attorney Albenze will engage in active, aggressive negotiations to ensure that you receive the settlement you deserve to properly compensate you for your injury.
  5. Litigation: Should the claim not be resolved through negotiation; a law suit may need to be filed. Attorney Albenze has litigated numerous Injury matters up to and including taking the matter to trial, where he has received favorable verdicts for his clients.