Child Custody and Family Law

Child Custody and Family Law Attorneys in Elyria, Ohio

At the Albenze Law Group, our Child Custody/Family Law Attorneys understand the connection between a Parent and Child. Whether you are attempting to establish a Legal Visitation and Parental Rights order for the first time, or modify your current Parenting Plan we are able to effectively represent your rights in this matter to ensure that you are able to be involved in your child’s life. If the child or Children were not born as the result of a marriage, it can leave the parents with many unanswered questions. It often leaves at least one parent feeling powerless to be able to be active in their child’s life. At the Albenze Law Group, our Child Custody/Family Law Attorneys examine each case and develop strategies that are case specific to give our clients their best chance of reaching a successful outcome. Attorney Albenze has successfully established parental Rights and Visitation for numerous clients, taking the matter to trial when necessary.

Establishing Parental Rights and Responsibilities:

If you are a parent of a child that was not born as the result of a marriage, you may be unsure of your rights. If there is no court order in place, your rights to your child may be jeopardized and you may find that it is difficult to be involved in important parenting decisions, as well as enjoying regular visitation with your child.

At the Albenze Law Group, we will work aggressively and fight for your right to be the parent of your child. We will investigate each case thoroughly and develop strategies to maximize your odds of success. In some cases, Attorney Albenze will recommend the use of a Guardian Ad Litem to get a deeper understanding of the child’s home life and to make an unbiased recommendation to the court.

Even if it has been several years since you have been involved in your child’s life, there are avenues available to make the reunification between with you and your child smooth and unintrusive to the child’s development. In these cases, a sensitivity to the needs of the child is crucial.

Modifying a Custody Order:

At the Albenze Law Group, we understand that life can change suddenly. As a result, agreements or orders regarding Custody made in the past may no longer be appropriate or in the best interest of the child. Often times, this leaves one party wishing to modify orders, while the other party wishes that they remain the same.

In either case, whether you wish to modify orders regarding custody, or keep them from being modified, The Albenze Law Group can help. The Albenze Law Group has successfully handled this type of matter for clients on either side of the issue and obtained results satisfactory to the client.

Many issues can arise that would warrant a modification of a custody order. These issues include, but are not limited to:

  • A desire to relocate
  • A new marriage or new child
  • Change in work schedule
  • The child becoming of school age
  • One parent receiving a violent or drug related criminal charge
  • Abuse or Neglect of the child
  • The child’s reaction to parenting time

Regardless of the cause of the desire for modification the Albenze Law Group can assist you in obtaining the outcome you desire in your custody matter.

Grandparent’s Rights and Visitation:

Under Ohio Law, in some circumstances, Grandparents may have standing to obtain court ordered visitation of their Grandchildren. Attorney Albenze will meet with each client and evaluate the case to determine whether this option is available to the client. Attorney Albenze has successfully obtained visitation for Grandparents who have been unable to see their Grandchildren due to the unavailability of a Parent.