Divorce and Dissolution Law

Divorce/Dissolution Attorney in Elyria, Ohio

At the Albenze Law Group, our Divorce Attorneys and Staff understand that a Divorce, Dissolution or Custody matter can be incredibly stressful for the client and the client’s family. Our team of Divorce Attorneys will handle each client’s matter with a focus on their rights and their family’s well being to ensure that the client receives the best outcome possible.

Divorce and Dissolution:

Terminating a marriage is a big step. It is a step that can create a great deal of confusion for the client, leaving them overwhelmed and confused. At the Albenze Law Group, our Divorce Attorneys are available around the clock to answer questions and address issues as they arise. These issues can be amplified, as many marriages end with the spouses on less than good terms. At the Albenze Law Group, by working quickly and efficiently, we are able to minimize delay. This is essential, as once the decision is made to terminate a marriage, it potentially leaves many client’s unsure of where they will live, when they will see their children or how they will support themselves. By working quickly and efficiently, our Divorce Attorneys can expedite the process of obtaining temporary court orders to alleviate these stressful situations.

Questions about Divorce and Dissolution

  1. What is the Difference between a divorce and Dissoultion?
    • In a dissolution, the parties agree to resolve all issues prior to filing a complaint for Divorce. As all issues are resolved and agreed upon, there need not be any issues litigated in the Court.
      In a Divorce, the parties have not been able to reach a resolution or agreement on at least one key issue.
      Typically, these issues include Custody of the Children, Spousal Support, the Marital Residence or the division of Retirement Accounts or Other Assets.
      In nearly every case, a Dissolution is significantly less expensive and the process is much quicker than a Divorce. However not every case is suitable for a dissolution.
  2. What are the Steps in a Dissolution
    • After an initial consultation with the Albenze Law Group, the Client and the Attorney Evaluate the case to determine whether the parties agree on all terms of the marriage termination.
    • If the parties agree for the most part, Attorney Albenze will attempt to resolve the remaining issues by contacting either the opposing party, or their attorney.
    • If an agreement is reached, a petition for Dissolution is drafted, including a separation agreement and a Parenting Plan (If children are involved). These documents are filed with the court and a final hearing is scheduled. This process can take as little as 45 days.
    • If no agreement can be reached, then Attorney Albenze will meet with the client and discuss the client’s options regarding converting the matter to a Divorce.
  3. What are the Steps in a Divorce
    • After an initial consultation with Attorney Albenze, a complaint for Divorce is drafted and filed in the appropriate Court.
    • A pretrial is scheduled along with a hearing on temporary orders, to temporarily resolve any outstanding issues, such as: Custody, Use of the Marital Residence, Spousal Support Etc. These orders are temporary and last during the pendency of litigation, but can be modified if required.
    • The parties attend a settlement conference in an attempt to resolve any remaining issues. Should the parties reach a resolution, the matter will be set for an uncontested hearing.
    • Should the parties be unable to reach a resolution, the matter will be set for trial. Attorney Albenze will conduct thorough discovery with opposing counsel and subpoena witnesses to trial. After the trial, the Court will issue a ruling resolving all issues of the marriage.

Our Divorce Attorneys are available 24/7 to help you in your time of need.